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Zest for Life - Notes Page Options {Budget, Dashboard & Goals} 3.85

Zest for Life - Notes Page Options {Budget, Dashboard & Goals}

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These gorgeously vibrant stickers are perfect to bring some joy to your day and brighten up your planner whilst being functional as wellOur kits are no more - instead, you choose what YOU need for how you plan your life, from a selection. No more having to have ombre checklists when you don’t use them. No more wishing there was more washi. You choose which sheets you want, in the quantity that you need.Stickers work beautifully with a wide range of planners - please take a look at our page 'Will It Fit My Planner?' if you need more information here:
The high quality matte sticker paper is repositionable in case you change plans! It is a thinner paper than you may be used to, which avoids the 'bulky planner syndrome' that can be an issue for those who love to use stickers. It can be written on with pretty much any pen (that I've found - I'd be careful with permanent ones though and always recommend testing on a white part of the paper first) or pencil.Each sticker is individually die cut and ready to peel off from the backing.Stickers are not waterproof.Thank you for choosing EllieBeth Designs UK to brighten up your day!