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Brighten Up Every Day - Your Way! 

The perfect solution for your planner sticker storage! 

It’s always been my wish to bring you things that will brighten up your day - that will make your life that bit more colourful, and help to add joy to the ordinary. 

It also has to be easy, simple, without barriers - because when something gets complicated, it gets less likely that we’ll do it! 

Function and form are both important - you can’t really have just one without the other, otherwise life can become either colourless or frenetic.

So, EllieBeth Designs UK is changing things. I’m changing them to make your life easier, to bring simplicity to your planning routine, and to offer even higher quality than before. 

It’s time to take back control of the stash. It’s time to have just what YOU need, for YOUR life, right at your fingertips. 

So our sticker sheets are going to look a bit different from now on. They’ve GROWN!

Our stickers will now come on full size A5 sheets, ready to be punched and organised in a binder. 

And when you want to put them away? Simple. Use the labels to categorise them in your binder.

The EllieBeth Designs UK ‘#Stickerate Binder’ - it’s time to simplify your planning and brighten up every day, your way.

Our kits are no more - instead, you choose what YOU need for how you plan your life, from a selection. No more having to have ombre checklists when you don’t use them. No more wishing there was more washi. You choose which sheets you want, in the quantity that you need. 

Size: The binder is 208mm x 230mm x 46mm. It fits A5 sheets, with space for divider tabs as well. 

Contents: The binder itself has internal slip pockets front and back. 

It will come with a front cover decal (slipped under the protective plastic layer), spine decal, 6 dividers (laminated and printed in full colour, edge to edge, single sided), a sheet of 40 transparent divider labels and an A5 sheet of rainbow acetate. 

Capacity: 25mm on 2 D rings.

Optional Add Ons: Name decal, Extra 6 Dividers

These must be purchased WITH a binder - at this time, none of the other binder contents are available separately. 

If ordering a decal, please leave a note to confirm what name you would like - otherwise I will use the first name on the customer details. 


This is a made to order item, and estimated dispatch times are 1-2 weeks. Any items on the same order will ship once the whole order is ready. 

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