C.A.K.E. V2.0 - Support an entrepreneur in a developing country 1.00

C.A.K.E. V2.0 - Support an entrepreneur in a developing country

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In 2019, C.A.K.E. (the Care And Kindness Experiment) was born - a way of giving a gift to someone you may never meet. 

In 2020, C.A.K.E. V2.0 launched as part of the 5th birthday celebrations for EllieBeth Designs UK - a way of supporting an entrepreneur in a developing country. 

We're working with LendWithCare.org, a UK based organisation and part of Care International UK. 

There are two ways to be part of this: 

1. Join the team at https://lendwithcare.org/teams/elliebethdesignsukltd 

2. Purchase this listing to donate £1 towards a new small business in a developing country. The donation money will be invested in £15 increments, and spread across several business ideas, with a focus on benefitting women in business.

In both instances, once the investment is repaid by the entrepreneur, it will be reinvested and continue to help other people. In the event that we are no longer able to administrate it, the money will be donated in full to LendWithCare to disburse as they see fit. 

Read more about LendWithCare here: 


Find more information about CARE International UK here:

CARE International UK

CARE International UK is a member of the CARE International confederation, one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations.

CARE fights poverty and injustice in 87 countries around the world to help the world’s poorest people find routes out of poverty. We provide immediate aid to people hit by disasters and emergencies, and long-term support to poor communities to rebuild lives and overcome poverty.

With 70 years’ experience of creating lasting change, we recognise that women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty – but that equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and communities escape poverty. That’s why women are at the heart of our community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to quality health care and expand economic opportunity for all.

CARE is non-religious and non-political, allowing us to deliver humanitarian and development assistance to anyone in need regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, political view or sexual orientation.

You can find out more about how we are helping to transform lives at the CARE International Website.