An Apple A Day - 7x9 Mini Kit 8.00

An Apple A Day - 7x9 Mini Kit

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The 7x9 Mini Kit has 2 pages of stickers, and is ideal for vertical layout planners such as the Erin Condren LifePlanner (TM). , Plum Paper 7x9, Happy Planner Classic, and other planners that are similarly sized, and have 1.5” wide columns.

These planner stickers are made from a premium, removable, matte vinyl that can be written on with the majority of pens - they’re the unicorn of planner stickers!

Each sticker is individually die cut and ready to peel off from the backing.


Printed using UV technology, the ink should not bleed if it comes into contact with water and should not fade over time either (memorably, one Creative Planning Team member did test it with Fanta, and the sticker was still usable once it dried off!).

We do not recommend leaving your stickers in a hot or particularly humid place for a long period of time as it could affect the adhesive on the sticker.

Thank you for choosing EllieBeth Designs UK to brighten up your day!