Will it fit my planner?






This page is currently being added to and under review as of June 2020 - I'm updating it with lots of other planners! If your planner isn't mentioned here, please pop me an email with the dimensions and I'll do my best to help you find what will work.

Rachel x

Ahhh the big question - will the gorgeous stickers you see here fit your planner? The answer - most likely, YES! 

In 2016, I put together a planner review series with 7 planners reviewed including Mambi Happy Planner, Personal Planner, Day Designer, Plum Paper, Inkwell Press and more- you can find it here. I also have videos for Sew Much Crafting personal inserts, Cocoa Daisy inserts and other brands, and I regularly update my Planner Review playlist on YouTube. 

If your planner has spaces which are 1.5" wide, then you'll be able to use all of the stickers you see here. If your planner has spaces which are slightly wider, simply centre them and they'll look great!

Here are the some of the reasons why EllieBeth Designs UK stickers are great for (pretty much) any planner!

1. Amazingly gorgeous colours 

Rainbow is my favourite colour - so you'll find a whole rainbow of stickers to #stickerate with! 

2. Easy to organise and store

All of my sheets are A5 unless otherwise stated, and are designed to be organised in an A5 binder (find yours here!). They have a strip of washi on the side of the page, which you can remove before punching to pop it in your binder.

3. Cut lines to adapt kits: 

Washi pages come with cut lines to show where to cut your washi to half height, meaning you get more out of the sheet! And, for the Erin Condren Horizontal layout, all full boxes in the main collection kits have cut lines to show where to trim them to fit - it means you don't need to hunt for a specific kit, but can buy any from EllieBeth Designs UK, knowing that they'll fit with the help of a pair of scissors or craft knife!

4. Flexible Collections 

All of my collections are sold a la carte, so you choose which sheets suit your planning style best - no need to purchase a kit with set sheets in and end up trying to either work out how to use your leftovers, or having to waste them. You choose what YOU need for how you plan your life, from a selection. No more having to have ombre checklists when you don’t use them. No more wishing there was more washi. You choose which sheets you want, in the quantity that you need! 

5. A whole Creative Planning Team and community with loads of ideas and inspiration to share with you! 

The EBDUK Creative Planning Team are a group of amazing ladies who have a passion for sharing their planner ideas and how they get the most out of them. 

To see lots more ideas and layouts, search for #elliebethdesignsuk on Instagram - you'll find lots of inspiration! Or pop over to the Facebook group - we'd love to see you there. 

And if you have a planner that's proving tricky to find stickers for, pop me an email to support@elliebethdesignsuk.com and I'll be more than happy to help!