C.A.K.E. - the Care And Kindness Experiment


In the planner community, a RAK is a random act of kindness - we wanted to make it possible for you to bless someone else with the gift of stickers to brighten up their day! 

And so CAKE was born - the Care and Kindness Experiment - because when we reach out to others, and give, even to a complete stranger who we may never meet, we can change their day. And the amazing side effect? When we reach out and bless others, we ourselves are blessed too! 

If you've received a CAKE sheet in your order, it means someone who ordered before you wanted to make sure you know that you are loved, valued and special.

If you'd like to pass it on, to bless someone else, then you can add a CAKE sheet to your basket and it will go to the next person who orders after you. If you want to buy more than one - that's amazing! - we'll just keep moving through the orders so the most any one order will receive is one. 

Click HERE to buy C.A.K.E. for someone today