About Us

From Lancashire in England, one woman is on a mission to brighten up every day!

EllieBeth Designs UK Ltd began with one machine and a Macbook in a corner of our bedroom. Now it's run from two rooms in our home, having rapidly outgrown first the bedroom and then the conservatory!

It began because I couldn't find what I wanted for my planner over here in the UK, and decided to start making my own stickers, which was a whole new learning curve! Since opening, the planner community in the UK has grown massively, and it's an amazing privilege to be a part of that.

During an afternoon of reflection following a challenging few months, the thought came into my mind that maybe a few other people might be interested, and so I opened the shop on February 23rd 2015.

I wanted to see a community in the UK focussed around planning, and founded the EllieBeth Design UK Facebook group, as well as connecting with other UK planner and stationery business owners to support and encourage one another through another group.

My focus has always been on people - I love seeing what I've created in use, and I love knowing that something I've made has helped someone during their day. Within weeks of opening, EllieBeth Designs UK was known across social media channels as an up and coming UK planner sticker shop - and within a month, I had passed 100 orders and had a rapidly growing community following online, on both Facebook and Instagram.

The shop has continued to gain popularity, and every few months it seems I need to add more capacity to keep up with demand!

At the heart of the business is the EBDUK community - you are why I do what I do! I appreciate each and every order, and want to take care to show my appreciation for that in the way that those orders are handled.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little more about EllieBeth Designs UK and I'd love to connect with you on any of the social media channels we use.

Rachel xx