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Make them transparent! Custom add on

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 Love transparent planner stickers? Use a black page planner and need them to 'pop' on the page but hate the white margin around normal stickers? Then this listing is for you! 

Step 1: Choose your sticker sheet and note down either the full title OR the stock code found at the top right of the sheet. This will start with M, R, LR, C or F. Enter this in the text box marked 'sheet details'.

Step 2: Decide whether you need them to show up on black paper - in which case, choose 'BLACKOUT'. This means there will be a layer of white ink printed before the colour, and so the sticker will show up and 'pop' on black paper, still with a transparent margin around it.

If you're using white or cream paper, you probably don't need this, so choose 'STANDARD'.

Add to cart and done! 

Our transparent matte vinyl is repositionable on most paper stock - please be careful when moving stickers around. Unlike our usual matte vinyl, you will need a permanent marker to write on these. 

These are made to order and have a processing time of up to 3 weeks.

Thank you for choosing EllieBeth Designs UK to brighten up your day!