GRAB BAGS - up to 40% off planner stickers! No codes please...they're already a bargain!

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PLEASE NOTE! No coupons or discount codes (including Rainbow Rewards) are to be used on this item please - orders placed with a coupon will have the grab bag item cancelled and refunded. If you used a Rainbow Rewards code, then that value would be lost. 

Enjoy a surprise for yourself, or as a gift for someone else! 

These contain a mixture of past and present stickers, and are great for building your sticker stash. 

Please be aware - if you order more than one, there is a chance of duplication.

Choose from:

Small - 5 sheets

Medium - 10 sheets

Large - 15 sheets

Extra Large - 20 sheets


Seconds bag - 10 sheets of imperfect stickers


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