Planning for a calmer life.

Planning for a calmer life.

My planning journey has been a long one. From my FunFax as a kid, to studies in high school and college and then through my career at Sainsbury’s. I was always referred to as the ‘Starter - finisher’. The one who was seconded out to lead change programs and up skill new managers and colleagues. I even wrote my own ‘Planning and Prioritising’ Course and delivered it to hundreds of colleagues. Life changed when I became a stay at home Mummy but my love for planning grew exponentially when I discovered the planning community on Instagram and Facebook.

Erin Condren and Hobonichi planning process with EBDUK stickers

My Planning Process

The days when I just used to scribble appointments in an A5 week to a view diary are long gone. Since I discovered the planning community in 2017 I’ve never looked back. I never used to keep a diary going for more than a few months because it looked dull and uninspiring. Having learned that there was a huge variety of planners available to suit different styles plus decorative and functional stickers to use with them, I dived right in!

Instax, Erin Condren and EBDUK stickers

Never Alone

January 2021, can you believe it???

As we all reflect on the year that has passed, and what a year it has been. We look ahead to what the year ahead has in store for us, we make our plans, set our goals and aspirations.

So I have picked my planners and journals to help me achieve my goals, I have also chosen my one little word, which for 2021 will be Grow. 

I feel that it's a good choice for me as I grow within myself, my career and my creative side also.

Do have a word of the year??