How the Planner Community Helps me with Anxiety

I have anxiety -  postnatal anxiety to be specific -  although if I’m honest I’ve always been a “worrier”. I was diagnosed 12 weeks after the birth of my twins in 2016 and required medication in order to manage it.  In order to regain some of that control back I turned to planning and more so, stickers. You may be wondering how paper and stickers can possibly help anxiety. For me the fact....

The Elliebeth Designs UK '#Stickerate Binder' Reveal!

The EllieBeth Designs UK ‘#Stickerate Binder’ - it’s time to simplify your planning and brighten up every day. 

GUEST POST - What is it really like to be part of a Design Team?

Ever seen a Design Team Call post and wanted to apply but wondered what it’s really all about? I’ve been on the EllieBeth Designs UK DT for over 2 years now and the whole encounter gives.....