Why a ring planner?

By Creative Planning Team Member - Katie Teage


Personal sized rings with EBDUK stickers

I often get asked why I am using a ring planner. Non ‘planner people’ think I’m stuck in the 80s and don’t see why I don’t just use Trello and ‘planner people’ are aware of so many amazing planners out there that are being developed all of the time. But for me it’s the flexibility and what comes with that flexibility is creativity. And what comes with that is stickers!!

There are so many sizes of ring planner out there now; personal, personal wise, pocket, A6, B6 and A5 but for me it has to be personal. With personal inserts I am able to use so many of Rachel’s stickers.


Personal Filofax rings with EBDUK stickers

My go to set from collections at the moment is

I find I can use these in such a variety of ways. 

This is what I like about a ring planner, the chance for variety! My brain needs change to feel refreshed. When my brain is refreshed my motivation is higher. When my motivation is higher I’m productive.


Personal sized rings with EBDUK stickers

What I also like is that a a ring planner can be as complex or as simple as you choose. If I want a simple look then a few event labels and asterisks help me there by if I want full on colour and deco then a weekly core can really make my week ‘pop’. It's all a matter of personal priorities and time.


Katie Teage with a personal sized ring planner and EBDUK stickers

Even if you are reading this and are firmly fixed in your planning style, maybe there is a way you can mix things up to refresh your view and help you with all the things you have to do. 

Best wishes
Katie Teage

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