Which planner next - 2022 ideas!

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby 


It's that time of year again.... planner itch season!  We all know it, we've all experienced it.  There are a few short weeks left before 2022 is with us and it's time to start thinking, if you haven't already, about what planner(s) to use for next year.  

To help start the choice process I wanted to use something different from my normal planners for this week. So I went to my stack.... yes I said stack....of planners and pulled out a couple that I haven't visited for a while. They're very different from my normal style and I hope that using something different will give me an insight into what I might need for next year.

STM productive weeks and LifeStyled planner with EBDUK stickers


Scribbles That Matter Productive Weeks:

Core week view

This STM planner is great for planning the core basics of a week or organising a working week.  It has a great amount of extra space too. It's undated which means it can be used at any point - I've dipped in and out of it as an alternative to my normal planner when I've needed a change.  The main page has a space for top priorities, habit tracking and a space for each day of the working week Mon-Fri.   I've used the 'Hygge' #stickerateMONTHLY collections for these two planners, there's plenty of washi tape to decorate the longer length pages and the standard 1.5 stickers sit really nicely in the columns.  For this week I've made the Mon-Fri spaces appointment driven but it's a really good planner for adding priorities in for each day and keeping everything in one place.

STM Productive weeks and EBDUK #stickerateMONTHLY


Flexible notes page:

For each weekly page there is a corresponding full page dot grid that gives the ultimate flexibility, with endless possibilities. You can using for jotting notes, a kind of 'catch all' for your week. Or longer to do lists.  I've added a large section for notes, a column for Saturday and Sunday, and spaces for 'places to go' and 'To buy'.  The deco sheet from the collection adds some extra prettiness to it and there is a lot of space to record a good deal of information.

I love this planner for its flexibility and endless possibilities when no two weeks are the same.

STM, Scribbles that Matter bullet journal dot grid page with EBDUK stickers


LifeStyled Luxury Daily Planner:

I've had this LifeStyled planner for a while - it's the Jan-Dec 2020 version.  It's a lovely planner from a UK based company which is always a win. It has monthlies, dailies and notes pages for each month.  I like the clean lines in this planner and my #stickerateMONTHLY stickers fit really well in the columns. There's a lot of space for appointments and to dos and the paper is a good weight. I had a nice thick piece of washi tape left from the monthly sheet so I added that to the bottom of the page. Lots of Penguin Joe's added some character to the page and I used the quote box from the Hygge sampler to add some focus.


Life Styled Luxury Day Planner with EBDUK stickers

I'm really looking forward to trying out other planner types and styles over the next few weeks and deciding on my 2022 planners.

What are you looking at for next year?

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