Which day does your week start on?

by Creative Planning Team - Korrie-ann Scott Peters

 Re dating an Erin Condren monthly spread

Isn't it funny how people like to start their week on different days? Take for instance my Erin Condren Life Planner, it begins on Sunday for its monthly view but I prefer to start on a Monday. Using the monthly date numbers I can easily fix this by re-dating the whole month in no time at all. This sheet is brilliant, it comes with enough to date 6 months worth so two sheets and my planner is done for the year (unless you have an 18 month planner obviously ).

Re dated monthly Erin Condren

Here I have used the A5 monthly core stickers for my pages. The days of the week come in two pieces and using my scissors to cut the days apart so that I could cover up each day starting from Monday to Sunday. As I didn't need to add a number sticker to the days I covered up the square using penguin Joe from the Day To Day Life sheet. I might have gone penguin crazy with this sheet but can you blame me!!!

Monthly Erin Condren layout with EllieBeth Designs stickers

I have been saving the When Love Came Down kit but with the weather being so cold I thought a nice winter kit would be perfect and it looks so much prettier in my planner than in my drawer. I have quite a few birthdays this month and I think that the baubles make awesome balloons, would have been better if I put them all the wrong way round though so that it looked like string. I might actually peel it up and turn it haha.

The mixed event labels are a perfect fit in the boxes and again Penguin Joe from the Day To Day Life sheet was perfect to mark my plans.

I used the full box sticker in the bottom corner in the hope that as we head into March the weather will change into spring and start to get a bit warmer and fingers crossed we don't end up with snow, as pretty as it is from the window I think I would prefer some warmth.

Ps I also have a little secret, I don't know if  I'm doing washing on the 22nd, I just love that sticker and wanted to use it somewhere on my pages.

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What day does your week start on?