When Life gives you lemons.... New 2019/2020 EC planner and Hobonichi Avec

by Design Team - Sharon Gubby and Sophie Ball

Sophie and I are both moving into new planners this week and both using the wonderful 'Lemons' collection from EBDUK so we decided to share how we've got on and show you 2 very different planners.

Sharon Gubby

New EC 2019/2020

I thought that my first week in my new 2019/2020 EC would set up like any other week .....besides the squealing over the smell of new paper, new stickies, new layouts....you get the drift. But actually although the changes this year appear subtle they made me think about some of the things I normally do.

I always start with a quote box in the top left corner and I have some white and coloured hexagon stickers to cover the new monthly hexagon on each page if I want to but I like it so for this week I decided to put the quote at the bottom of the left page. It covers the little monthly calendar but I'm ok with that.

Now let's talk washi. The new format at the bottom of the page meant I wanted a thinner washi than normal so I didn't lose out on the coloured planner real estate at the bottom of the page.  Since I didn't have the washi sheet from the collection - won't make that mistake again! -  I used my trimmer to cut a normal sized strip in half.

I love the new boxes at the bottom and I'm going to use them for family meals - this was always wasted space for me before but I believe it will be useful now.

New EC 2019/20 layout

Being a scrapbooker I have no worries about cutting things up so I cut my checklist into a four star list and some singles to go down the side for tasks. I also have custom order 'DT Task' and 'Priority task' stickers to use.

We're into the school holidays now so I don't have a huge amount of extra activities to add in so I have lots of space for to-do lists, which I'll add in as I go through the week.

New EC 2019/20 layouts

I use the last box of the week for a quick view for the following week especially if there are important events/tasks for Monday morning - that way they don't get forgotten. A weekend and a weekend banner make the end of the week stand out and I'm good to go.

I will be making a video of how I've set up the rest of my new planner so keep your eye out for that.


Sophie Ball

Sophie is moving into her new Hobonichi Avec, again using the 'Lemons' collection. I love the way Sophi incorporates watercolours into her weekly layouts. If you've always been worried about water and planners this video might just change your mind.


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New EC 2019/2020 Planner