When inspiration fails.......

by Creative Team Member - Sharon Gubby


What do you do when sitting in front of a blank planner and several folders of stickers sparks nothing creative at all?

We've all been there, especially at the moment. Plans are sketchy or non-existent and the vast expanse of white space is taunting you. EASY......


Stick the rainbow with EBDUK stickers


I love the vast rainbow of colours in the EllieBeth range. There are icons and boxes, words and headers, weekend banners and of course the amazing Penguin Joe in 2 sizes to match all of the coloursI can be a bit of a rebel but I did follow the rainbow sequence of colours for this next week.....with Pink instead of Violet, can't conform completely.

So what have I chosen and how does it look......

I've used rainbow stripey washi for the bottom of the page and multi colours for the side bar. I've also used the end of the washi strip that's left to back the 'little things' header.


Rainbow stickers from the EBDUK rainbow collection

RED: My current favourite sticker is from the R300 sheet - functional labels that allow me to add a time or amount to the beginning of the sticker and use the small box as a check box for when a task is completed. Yep, I've turned the sticker upside down.....non conformist again

I like to add a list at the end of Monday for meals for the rest of the week and the cute Penguin Joe minis are excellent for adding an icon.

ORANGE: more mini Penguin Joes to mark off tasks and checklists and a larger PJ Yoga sticker to remind me to practice selfcare.

YELLOW: A meeting cancelled gives me chance to use a cancelled sticker from the cancelled/rescheduled/whatever sheet


Rainbow stickers from EBDUK


GREEN: A half box to mark my shopping delivery - I used to use a quarter box but found realistically that it takes me a while to unpack and organise the fridge etc and so I allocate extra time so I don't book calls and tasks into it.

BLUE: In my week I try only to book tasks, projects and events into the first 4 days of the week. I know that not everything will get done so Friday morning is a 'catch-up' so I'm ready to start the next week free. That also means that I can do personal and project creative tasks on Friday afternoon without feeling like I still have things i 'should' be doing hanging over me. That's not great for creative inspiration...... I love the create stickers and like to layer them.

INDIGO and....PINK: The weekend is filled with family events and time to plan and relax - there are a myriad of rainbow collection stickers that can be used.


 Rainbow weekend stickers from EBDUK

So when inspiration fails you but you need to feel like you're on top of you're tasks 'stick the rainbow' and chase those clouds and negative inspiration away.


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Stickerating with EBDUK Rainbow stickers