What's in my planner bag?

By Creative Planning Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood



Planner pouch and supplies from EBDUK for various planners 

If there's one thing I like almost as much as planners, its bags! Working from home over the past two years I’ve wanted to plan in different locations more than at my desk, so I have a planner bag! It goes around the house with me and is now venturing out as we go back to travelling and planner events. So, what exactly is in my bag? 


The bag itself:

To be honest, this varies. I’ve always had bags and I use because I like them. So, when we were stuck at home with nowhere to go, I started using them around the house. At the moment, I’m using a Cath Kidston tote bag because it's easy to just dump stuff in and keep it all contained. 



EBDUK sticker books for planners of all sizes

I have a smaller pouch from the 2021 Spring Experience Box which has my reusable sticker books in. These are filled with mostly functional labels and icons that I use daily. I have one where each page has a different selection of stickers from the EBDUK rainbow, the lunar rainbow and the flora rainbow. Depending on what stickers I’m using on a week, a binder sometimes finds its way into the bag as well. 



Tool pouches from EBDUK for planner tools and stickers

They’re nothing fancy, but I always have a small pair of craft scissors, a craft knife, white out tape, glue tape, ruler, pencil and blue and black pens (biro, gel and fibre tip!).  



I love colour so I tend to always have a lot of colour pens with me. These days I carry my full set of mildliners and full set of sharpie S-notes – so not many. 



Amplify planner with EBDUK pouches

Where would a planner bag be without planners! My bullet journal lives in my bag to make it easy to add things as needed. My Passion Planner is always a feature of my bag as well so I can add to my gratitude in the evenings. Anything else comes and goes as needed. 


Planner pouches:

Planner pouches from EBDUK for Amplify and Erin Condren

I love the pouches from the Experience boxes, and these are helpful in organising things in my bag and making it easy to find things or grab things as I need them.  


So how do you keep mobile planner supplies? Do you have a planner bag? Or are you now wanting to build your own? 




Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby

It's that time of year again - 3 months into the year and I'm looking forward to the May/June new planner launch season and wondering what I might decide to use. As life is changing again and I might be going places I need to consider what my 'on the go' options as well as 'desk' options need to be. With all of this in mind I decided to do some 'planner trials'. I've been trying out a few different options for a week at a time and seeing what happens.



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