Ways With Washi

By Creative Planning Team Member - Vic Walters


As you may remember from my previous blog post and from my Instagram handle @vixwashiwizardry, I love washi!  I've lost count of the number of rolls I own but it's in excess of 300.  But washi's not all about rolls now, it's about strips, sheets of strips, like the A5 washi strip sheets from EllieBeth Designs.  They're really versatile and handy to carry on the go in your planner.  They are so colourful and used on their own, or with rolls, they can be used in a number of creative ways.


Washi sheets used in and Erin Condren planner 


Firstly of course, used in a planner, they're essential, for decorative as well as functional purposes. In my Erin Condren, with the weekly core sheets and full and half box sheets, I use them for decoration at the bottom of the page to add a little prettiness.  In my Hobonichi Cousin, I use the washi strips from the A5 core sheet to section my page into to do lists, working hours, and personal time.


Decorating with washi strips from EllieBeth Designs UK 


Then I use washi from the sheets to decorate covers of my planners.  With a little sparkly washi in between it can make the plainest of planners or planner inserts beautiful.  Here, I've covered the inside cover of my hobonichi weeks, and also created a decorative block for the front of a travellers notebook insert.


Card making with washi strips by EllieBeth Designs UK 


With such a beautiful array of rainbow colours and beautiful patterns they are perfect to create cards.  With a sheet of washi strips from the shop, a few rolls of washi, and the odd half box and a decorative sheet you can create a perfect card, in this case my "Little but Fierce" Birthday card.  How cute is this dragon? 

How do you use your washi?


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Washi, cards and planners by Vic Walters