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 Hobonichi Techo for work

I have quite a busy job as an HR Manager for an animal sanctuary. It may be a small organisation but there is a lot to do as I am the only person responsible for HR within the business. On any given day I could be issuing a new contract of employment, reviewing attendance figures, interviewing people, conducting a disciplinary hearing (eek!) or having a meeting with a manager about staff issues. It’s therefore really important that I keep on top of things and for me, the best way is to write daily to-do lists.

I used to write everything in a standard office A4 diary but it was too big and not easy to carry about. I have an annoying habit of thinking of work-related things when I’m at home but if I don’t write them down, I forget them!

I’ve been using an A6 Hobonichi for my day to day personal stuff and didn’t really want to add work matters to it, although I do put my freelance HR work meetings into it. I acquired another A6 (yay for destashes) and started using that for work. It means I can bring it home with me and jot any “day job” tasks or bright ideas in it immediately. I like to set the work Hobo up a week in advance and that means adding stickers of course.

Just because it’s for work doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty!


Hobonichi for work

I’ve worked out my own “bullet journal” system for my job. I use a dot in the centre of a box to indicate a new task or meeting and when that has been completed, I put a cross there. If I don’t get something done, I add a right-facing arrow to indicate that the activity has moved to another day.

Where something needs to really stand out, such as an important meeting, I use a functional sticker e.g. a Rainbow ¼ box or appointment label. I also put a few small decorative stickers here and there to brighten up the pages. I must say, having a pretty work planner makes me feel quite positive about my job!

I keep a few practical stickers in my Hobonichi cover e.g. “to do”, “cancelled”, “rescheduled”, and so on. The small Rainbow ombre list boxes are useful so they are in there too. My purple Frixion pen is always with the planner so I’m never caught on the hop. The cover is actually one of the appealing things about the A6 Hobonichi – it is so practical. A wipe clean cover-on-cover makes the whole think more durable.


Hobonichi for work

I used to think that an A6 planner would be too small for my needs but now I’m a real convert. If you are a list-maker like me, I’d recommend the Hobonichi range of planners. A6 is light, portable and fits in whichever bag I take to work. The fact that there is room for stickers is an added bonus!

What planners do you use for work?



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Hobonichi for work by Tracy Macheta