Using a Creative Pack for the First Time

by Linsay McGarva, Design Team Member

Creative Pack and Filofax picture

Using a Creative Pack for the First Time

I’m not the creative type in that I can’t draw that well, unless stick men and the odd doodle count. I’m also not very good at visualising how things will turn out paper. I guess this is in part why I’m not
so good at using entire sticker kits in my planner and why I plan mostly with functional stickers with
the odd decorative one.

Nettle Creative Pack dashboard

Even with all that in mind I decided to buy a creative pack from Rachel in order to make
dashboards and a bookmark for my personal ringed planner.

My pack arrived on Wednesday just as we were leaving to go out for the rest of the day so it
patiently waited for me until Thursday when I had an hour free.


I currently use a Foxy Fix personal ringed planner with personal wide inserts and decided to divide
up the sections using the card from the creative pack. I used one of my inserts to measure out the
size of card and with my craft knife and metal ruler I cut them to size.


Nettle Creative pack divider

Next I hole punched each card before laminating, I’ve found from previous attempts at hole
punching laminate that hole punching first, laminating and then using a single hole punch to
recreate the holes in the laminate is much easier and quicker than laminating through it all at once.
After a short half hour I had five dashboards, two laminated journal cards and a bookmark. I added
the tabs with labels and also the stickers from the pack to the dashboards and bookmark for some
extra decoration.


Nettle Creative pack page marker

I’m really happy with how it turned out despite the fact that I punched the holes incorrectly at first and
had to redo them! I’ll remember to do it properly for next time.

Having tried out this pack I’ll absolutely be buying another and am thinking I’d quite like to make a
selection of dashboards and bookmarks for each season. If anyone is a real newbie like me then
be reassured that it was completely painless and really quite fun!

Linsay x


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Using a creative pack for the first time