Trying something new - The Passion Planner Daily

 By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby


Ok, ok, ok! I know that I said I had definitely decided on my planner for 2020 but I’d bet my Filofax Malden AND my Hobonichi Cousin on the fact that none of the planner people reading this will be at all shocked by to find out that I am currently trying something new.


Passion Planner Daily by Kylie Ashby


I’ve been staring longingly at the Passion Planner Daily (PPD) for some time. The main thing that appealed to me was the three month focus it gave me to support the goals I have set myself this year, via something else that’s new to me  - my Powersheets. I decided to order at the beginning of February and to give it a good chance for the three months it lasts for.

If you are familiar with the weekly Passion Planner, the PPD has many features in common and also includes a whole year overview. I decided that I didn’t need that and promptly stuck in some standard monthly overview pages, downloaded from the Passion Planner website. I  haven’t done any stickerating in my monthly overviews, but I can’t guarantee that won’t happen in the future, as the A5 monthly sheets would fit very nicely indeed!


Passion Planner daily by Kylie 


For the first week, I kept it simple, with pen and washi and stickers from my stash. Had a bit of a rainbow theme too because there is never a bad time for a rainbow! I used some of the blank dotted pages on the daily spread for journaling, which I quite enjoyed. I love the fact there is a timeline, plus to-do list space, plus all that extra space on the right hand page.

Week two was a quiet week - I was on half term break so I didn’t find myself reaching for the daily as much as I did the previous week, when time was much more of the essence. I did start to sneak a decorative sticker or two in there during this week - I especially loved the C.A.K.E. Teapot and cakes to mark my spa day treat.


Passion Planner Daily by Kylie Ashby 

For week three, I was back to work and I decided to try some stickers from the EBDUK Serendipity collection. The date covers fitted nicely, though I didn’t like the way the boxes showed underneath, so I used some of the kit washi to cover up underneath. I also decided to cover up the ‘Work’ header on one of the two lists, as this planner won’t be used for work tasks. This also works nicely to split my two list into three lists - game changer (or high priority) goals, medium priority goals and lower priority goals (often daily habits I’m trying to build)

I’m still keeping in mind the fact that this planner has to work for me and not the other way around. I love the flexibility of the daily page layout as well as the fact that it’s undated so there’s less planner guilt if I ‘miss’ a day (though I’m currently dating each day so I can review how much I’ve used it) I’ll definitely be giving it the full 90 days to give it a good chance to become part of my routine and I suspect that a lot more stickers will make their way into it. Look out for an update after the 90 days is done.


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Passion Planner Daily by Kylie Ashby