Trying something new! - Erin Condren Daily Duo

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby

Those of you that have seen my planning over the last few years will know that I love 2 things - Erin Condren planners and the vertical layout. But EC have changed the game and this year they have released a long awaited daily planner. The Daily Duo is 2 books of 6 months each with daily pages. Mine arrive last week and although it doesn't start until July, like all seasoned planners I've re-dated and stickerated so I can dive in now!  

I've chosen to use the Honey collection and I decided to use the same collection for the whole month. I'll be using some Penguin Joes and some elements from the rainbow collection but by using one collection for the whole month I hope to give the whole look some cohesiveness.

Mondthly Daily Duo layout with EBDUK stickers 

I always re-date my month layout to run Monday-Sunday so that my weekend days are together, the monthly skeleton is perfect for this and a weekend banner from R199 completes the look. I also found a  "May' sticker for this month as Honey is a June/July collection.

Monthly budgeting sheet from EBDUK

For the Notes pages I've used the Notes - Track it sheet and some decoration from the Deco sheet and some washi which is on each of the sheets of the collection. I also used some elements from the Notes - Budget It sheet to have somewhere visual to track this month's sticker spend! 

Daily pages from EC with EBDUK stickers

The daily pages are perfect for the rest of the collection. Date covers from the days and dates sheet allowed me to easily re date January next year for May, the quarter and half boxes fit perfectly next to each other in the appointments section and there is plenty of room to add a couple of the full quote boxes too. The checklists from the weekly core sheet are perfectly spaced for the to do section of the page which I love.

Monthly Life review from EllieBeth Designs UK in an EC

At the end of the month I've have the Life review page to give me some perspective in this weird time of how things are going.

I'm still going to be using my vertical alongside this as it gives me somewhere to future plan my weeks and balance all the thing I usually (!) have going on. But I love how much space this planner gives me and how all of the stickers I normally use from EBDUK fit perfectly.

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