Trackers Galore!

By Creative Planning Team - Angelique Patnett

One thing that always interests me when I look at other people’s planner spreads are trackers. Habit trackers, mood trackers, finance trackers, fitness trackers, every planner boy and babe are tracking something.

But to track or not to track, that is the first question followed closely by, what do I track.

This year I decided to be honest with myself when I committed one ENTIRE Archer & Olive notebook to trackers. I wanted to have a better historical record of what I was going to track all in one place instead of having to hunt down planners from previous years for the data.

I thought about the things that personally interested me, why I would track them, and set off.
I have never done a rainbow spread or a “shop my stash” spread so here goes.

This year I wanted to be more mindful in what I tracked and link it in someway to current events to give it context and relevance to my life. I started out with the first pages you see here.

Bullet journal with EBDUK stickers

I call it my Going Green spread. I am tracking my gas and electric consumption and the amount of petrol I use monthly to see if I can make any changes to help the planet. I want to see how closely prices are linked to world events and the weather to provide context. I used the rainbow washi that’s on the side of the Penguin Joe or functional sheets, a quote box from a freebie sheet along with other left-over bits from weekly kits.

Next up an exercise tracker:
Bullet journal with EBDUK stickers

Rehearsal have started for an amateur musical, and it is safe to say my knees are not happy. After a trip to the physio, I have been told that being super bendy is not always a good thing and I need to strengthen areas around my knees with a strict exercise regime. Workout Penguin Joe and rainbow washi to the rescue! I cut down the weekly trackers from previous kits leaving only the days of the week to track how many of each exercise I’m doing per day. A notes section at the bottom to write any discussion points for the physio on my visit in week 4. Great spread for reference if I need to brush-up on exercises in the future.

EBDUK stickers in a bullet journal

The final trackers are for things I want to do more of, weaving and reading. I have used washi from the Advent 2021 box and the Book Lovers kit, a quote box from a freebie sheet, tabs from a reading functional sheet and labels from several freebie sheets. I am hoping to be more consistent with both hobbies but also want to see if there are certain months, I’m inclined to be craftier or read more and if so which author’s books or genres I get carried away with.

Whatever you track make it your own. Remember the planner works for you, you do not work for the planner 😊.

Happy Stickerating!


Coming Next week:
Helen Worlsford - Penguin Joe and Custom Orders

Is my current planner set up working?
As we return to some normality living with COVID I have returned to 'hybrid Working', which for me means a long travel to London from Yorkshire for two days. I am not sure where January and February have gone, but I have not been filling my home planner in.  Part of this is being on the road carrying two planners, and not having 'me time'.
March therefore sees a little planner change up. No surprises there for many of us!
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