By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers


Now that the end of April is approaching, and I am beginning to look forward to the start of May, it’s time to review both my life and my planning system.

Toward the end of every month, I like to look through my bullet journal and Passion Planner Pro and spend some time reviewing how things have gone – both in regard to how well my planning system has served my most recent needs and with regard to how well I am living. Let’s talk about my planning system review first.


Tracking habits in a bullet journal


The last page of each month in my bullet journal is reserved as a review page. This month, I have used stickers from the Kindness collection to split the page in two. The first half contains some brief thoughts about May: I’ve jotted down a colour-coded YouTube publishing calendar as well as a couple of possible intentions for the coming month. The second half contains notes about my planning system – what’s worked, what’s not needed any more, and a few ideas to try in May. I find this brief jotting down really helpful. It gets my thoughts and ideas out of my head and allows me to take a step back and assess each one objectively. It’s one way that I continually make my planning system serve me, not the other way around. It’s how I’ve found planner peace.

Now, let’s talk about my life review.


Habit tracking in a bullet journal


When I set up my bullet journal monthly logs for April, I included stickers from the ‘Notes – Track It’ sticker sheet, which has a helpful ‘currently’ sticker. I wasn’t sure at what point in the month I was going to fill it in, but I eventually decided to leave it toward the end of the month so I could use it as a mini review. It’s been a bit of an up-and-down month mood-wise, and I’ve certainly felt the ebb and flow of hormones, energy and creativity. Such is life for a woman in her late forties! It felt validating though, to be able to note that down under ‘feeling’. The other prompts were useful too. I had to take a few minutes to think about what I could write for some of them – I wasn’t sure I was ‘improving’ anything, but decided that I’ve definitely been happier with my video voiceovers lately, so was pleased to be able to write something there. And even with the difficult situation we are all facing at the moment, I was able to smile when filling in the prompts ‘celebrating’, ‘loving’ and ‘grateful for’.


Habit tracking in a bullet journal


As well as this mini review, I’ve also carried out a more specific ‘life review’ with the help of the ‘Notes – Review It’ sheet. Over the course of the month, I’ve been jotting down, in the first column, areas of my life that I felt needed some extra attention - eating well, physical movement, contact with friends and family, wellness – and I’ve just filled it in by giving myself a rating out of ten and then noting my thoughts in the appropriate columns. This was a very helpful exercise and has given me some ideas to carry forward into May. When I set up for next month in my bullet journal, I’ll write these ideas on my ‘Intentions’ page and possibly even add some new habits to my wellness tracker.

So, how about you? Do you carry out a review at the end of each month in your planners? Let me know below! 

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Bullet journalling Habit tracking by Natalie Bowers