by Sophie Ball


Hoard: (v) to accumulate (money or valued objects (stickers obviously!) and hide or store away.


Squirrels hoard nuts. Camels store fat in their hump. Bees store Honey & Pollen. I hoard stickers!


Yep! That’s me! Whether it’s a favourite sticker, a whole kit, a whole collection, or a set of samplers, I have been known to hoard stickers! From the moment I bought my first lot of stickers, I have always stored them away. It's not that I’m too scared to use them -  more that they’re so pretty and perfect that I just want to keep them forever! You end up hoarding them just because they’re pretty and can’t bring yourself to use them; or hoarding for a specific kit/sticker for a special occasion or particular event.


It all started just over 2 years ago……


Rainbow samplers



It started with the Elliebeth Samplers - a whole rainbow of samplers to collect with orders. I have four completed sets but can’t bring myself to use them. I ask myself, you have spent so long collecting them all why would you want to use them? I just love getting them out and arranging them on the desk but straight back in the envelopes they go afterwards. Especially the Penguin Joe ones. I have kept one from each collection that has been released. You have two of my Favourite things there straight away – Penguins and Stickers. With that combination, of course I’m going to keep them away for safekeeping! If I have any duplicates then of course those get used. I have to have some Penguin Joe in my planner after all! 



And then how about when there is a new kit release on What’s New Wednesday and you just fall in love with the design??? My latest one that I can’t bring myself to use (but should really as it would be perfect for this time of year!) is Summer Bunny. I think I may have bought the Full Kit, Washi Strips, Date Covers, Half Boxes and Headers. I really should just use it but in my mind once I’ve used it, it’s gone. But then there is the enjoyment and satisfaction of when it is all stuck down in your planner and every time you open your planner you see it....


Summer Bunny


I have been known to buy a kit more than once. That way I can use it and then have a spare put away for another time. The Be Bright Kit – I have lost how many times I bought that one - it has to be my favourite kit of the year so far! (I do have a Full Kit hidden away for safekeeping!)


And finally there is the 'sensible' hoarding that is buying a specific sticker kit which you know would be perfect for a particular event or time of year. Like when the Christmas kits are released you save those for Christmas week or a Birthday kit which could be perfect for your birthday 9 months later in the year. I do this too but sometimes forget I have saved it and it doesn’t get used and I’ve ended up buying another kit in the meantime too. Think I may need another planner to plan when I’m going to use my stickers! But that’s a whole other story….


Anyway so now you all know I’m a sticker hoarder. But then some of you knew that anyway. Who else is with me? I can’t be the only hoarder out there!!! What do you hoard?


You can find Sophie on Instagram as @penguinplannner.



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by Lesley Clancy

I’m a sticker hoarder too, especially with “collections.” I’ve always liked just looking at them in my sticker collection and used to feel a little bit sad to actually stick them in my planner as if I’ve somehow wasted them by using them. I’m determined this year to use one planner my EC and hope that I’ll enjoy at the end of the year looking back at all the collections I’ve used.

by Tracy Macheta

A great post and I know exactly how you feel Sophie! I’ve been a stationery addict for years but stickers have tipped me over the edge! My A5 display book that I keep my EllieBeth stickers in is already bulging……… Oooer. 😂