Time for Something New

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby

7x9 and A5 Erin Condren Planners

I love my Erin Condren vertical and it is my go to, full of stickers, hold everything, dump it all in planner but alongside this I always run something to hold extra to dos, notes and scribblings that I can take anywhere with me.  Up until now it's been a Leuchterm notebook.

But now...... there's a new kid on the block! 

Erin Condren have launched the A5 Compact Vertical. A hybrid A5, vertical combo. Mine arrived this week and I love how I have set the first week up. It's unconventional and I love it! Let me show you.....

A5 compact vertical layout from Erin Condren

The planner doesn't actually start until July but it's an 18 month planner and since the dates of November 2023 match June 2022 I'm going to re-date and play with it now.  This layout gives a good deal of options, having big blocks for each day of the week and a space for Sunday (with the 'love it or hate it' mini monthly calendar too!)

The layout can easily be set-up as a normal week with events and tasks for each day and a spare space for notes for the following week.

However, I have decided to use mine a little differently.

Erin Condren A5 compact vertical with EBDUK stickers

I've used stickers from the journalling kits to cover each of the days of the week and written in a subject/project for each one.  It's a split week so I've also covered the Oct/Nov at the top of the page with mini washi stickers from the same journalling kit and added May and June stickers on top.  An icon for each of the sections from the new doodle collections adds some deco fun as well.

Erin Condren A5 Compact vertical with EBDUK stickers

There is a monthly dashboard and notes page for each month which is the same as the one in my 7x9 and I've use elements from the journalling kit to add pretty headers for each section. I've also set up the notes page to add random bits of information for the month ahead.

The monthly layout is a really good size for blocking out events and projects. Although as I have this in my main planner I may change how I use it as I don't like to duplicate information if I can help it - I may set it up for monthly gratitude or use it for something else entirely, not sure yet. I always change the Sunday-Saturday layout to be Monday-Sunday and the day scripts from the journalling kit really sit well on this smaller size. Again I've used a washi type element to cover the month and added a June sticker.

A5 compact vertical monthly layout header with EBDUK stickers


All in all I really love the scope this mini planner is going to give me and I'm excited to use it each week, especially since it pairs perfectly with the new journalling kits.


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts


I don't know about you but I am definitely feeling a little overwhelmed by the cost of living crisis. With this predicted to last at least another year I've had to rethink my current strategy and budget for planner stickers. Now I'm not going go on about the array of different ways to spread costs etc as I'm sure there are many different options we can all use. I've put some things in place which are helping me continue my love of stickerating and enabling me to order the stickers I need along with those new designs I feel I just can't live without.  


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