This week and the ever repeating To-Dos

By Design Team - Katie Teage


Passion Planner with this week and little things


I don't know about you but I find myself writing the same tasks at the bottom of my planner week after week (and let's be honest not doing them). I have good intentions at the beginning of the week but somehow life gets in the way, then the following week the same thing happens.

With a new baby, a business and home to run I'm constantly busy and end up doing lots of other stuff each day that needs doing and I regret not writing these things on my list so I can tick them off and use even more of the stickers I have for every chore🤣But they're not the things I intended to do and are still left on the list at the end of the week.


Weekly to do list - removable


In order to solve the problem I’ve come up with the idea of a list that moves each week as a book mark or just a running task list. That way I don't have to spend lots of time re-writing my regular weekly tasks.

The list involves things like cleaning my fish out, sorting the car out and other tasks that should get done and never do.

This week I’m trying to make use of my ‘this week’ header, not for my todo list, but for home tasks. That way I can spread them over the week and tick them off as I do them.  

It’s a small detail but I think it’s going to help my his I organise tasks for the home/ me/ baby/ work etc. Otherwise it’s one big list! 


Katie's planner

How do you segregate your list? Or if you have one list does it overwhelm you? I’d love to know what other people do. 

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