The versatility of stickers

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts

The versatility of stickers

Rainbow layout with EBDUK stickers in an EC veertical

I think sometimes we get flustered if we can't find the perfect kit or sticker for our planners. I have found that when I can't get the usual 'go to' sheets, my creativity comes alive and I end up loving the spreads even more. I find the surprise sticker kits and sheets contained within oops bags are ideal for creating one off spreads. 

EBDUK reusable sticker album

I do not like wasting stickers and wherever possible I will use every sticker from a sheet including off cuts of washi strips. The key to using everything for me has been the introduction of a reusable sticker album. A complete game changer. The way I store stickers in my album has changed since having it. I now try to store the stickers within full pages of either fonts, icons, colour pallet or within their original collections. 
A flick through my album whilst planning my spread or in some cases a spread planned around the amount of stickers in the album.

EBDUK appointments in a vertical EC

There is no right or wrong way to use stickers. An appointment or an event label does not have to be used solely for that purpose. I use them for daily meal planning if I haven't used a list format in the sidebar. I've used them to track my daily social media posts or what I have to watch on TV and also for daily gratitude prompts for the EllieBeth Designs UK gratitude Challenge.

EBDUK list stickers in an EC planner

I'm a list maker, always incorporating some sort of 'to do' list whether it be daily, weekly, or more specifically a cleaning, to go, to buy or a me time list. I normally use 7 star checklists or a sidebar sticker sheet but if I have none available or I feel like a change then I love to use the colour Coordinating or rainbow check boxes, circles or the asterisk stickers. I used to find I had lots of 3 star checklists left over in my album but I've recently been using them within half boxes for my daily to do lists as they fit perfectly.

EC A5 daily duo with EBDUK stickers

I cant deny that I am totally missing my Erin Condren Daily duo and I am seriously asking Santa for one for 2022. My daily duo was a fantastic way to utilise any spare stickers or washi tape ends. I loved creating a themed or colour coordinating Daily spread and I can't wait to get back into it along with trying the new Daily duo collection sticker sheets of course! 

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