The Importance of Self Care

By Creative Planning Team - Helen Worsfold


The Importance of Self Care: 

This month there seems to be a real buzz again around the whole planning community, which is great to see, especially as we reach the point of ordering our mid-season planners, (Erin Condren seems to have stolen my money).

However, my heart seems to have been touched by two of the kits this month from EllieBeth Design, the May #stickerateMONTHLY and Spa Date. Who would have known how perfect these were for me at this point in my life  –  Coco Daisy, April and May inserts, and dashboards seem to have dropped into my basket, just because I loved the designs. (See point 5) 

May #stickerateMONTHLY Kit

#stickerateMONTHLY collection from EBDUK in a personal planner

May dashboard – Spa Date

#stickerateMONTHLY collection from EBDUK for May

Creating space of self care and gratitude:  - Making me my No1 Project.

For the last 3 weeks I have been off work, to have a little op and some time to convalesce and recover, which has given me a lot of time to think about life in general.

The first week was a planned holiday and some time to finish some DIY jobs in the house, re-decorate my dressing room at home and turn it into a place of sanctuary of organised bliss, but also somewhere I could go to pamper myself, start the practice of Daily Yoga and Gratitude.

Time out from the busy work schedule to rest: 

A whole month off has been good for me (The Detox of mind/body/ soul) - whilst there has been lots of sleep and recovery time.  It has allowed to me look at my life from a different angle  and see how I can change my priorities to put more of “me first” (rather than work), so that I am bringing “the very best of me to whatever I am doing” going forward. 

Where does all this fit into my planning: (Top 5)  

My Planner dashboards  - in Love

A5 ringed planner

Well whilst I have not changed my planners I have been thinking and preparing for how I am going to use my A5 personal rings planner, a real shift in my thinking.

  1. Whole Life Planning – not just as a daily tracking of diary and activity but use it as a whole life planner.   Having different sections to track my “Vision Board (See my next blog”) but link that to goals aspirations and life events.


  1. Let it develop:  Don’t try and put everything in place immediately let it develop over April and early May.  If something doesn’t work, then just change it up.


  1. Dashboard of Goals and Intentions:  set out my dashboard and trackers with clear goals and intentions for each month and ensure weekly and monthly time is planned out for reflection and check in.


  1. Ensure time for me:  Wellness is now my No 1 priority, there is only one person who can do something there and that’s me.


  1. Mix it up:  use and buy what brings me joy.  Try different planning kits and styles each week/month, immerse myself into the planning process.  That’s what makes me happy and calms me at time of high stress. 


Mix it up – Just loving the sentiment of April Coco Daisy Dashboard 2022

May planner setup with EBDUK stickers


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood
Functional planning favourites
This year has been very different to how I had planned it and so my day-to-day planning has become incredibly functional. I still use stickers to help structure and add a splash of colour, but there is definitely a lot less decoration and a lot more function in my planning.

Here are some of my favourite things when it comes to functional planning



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