by Design Team Lead - Sharon Gubby


It’s all too easy in this busy world in which we live to forget the little things that make us smile, think, reflect  and generally appreciate how much goodness there is all around us. Remembering and recording how much it means to us and how much the smallest things can brighten the dark moments.

One way to make sure we get our daily dose of gratitude is to follow a Gratitude challenge. For those of you not familiar with these they are a set of prompts, one for each day of the month that encourage us to ponder for a few moments. The prompt might be a phrase or just a single word but it is designed to make us take a few minutes out of our day and record what the prompts make us feel thankful for.


May Gratitude challenge prompt

Every month EBDUK creates a set of these gratitude prompts,. The master set is posted on the EBDUK Instagram and in the EBDUK Facebook group and a daily thread is posted to allow people to comment on. It only takes five minutes each day to use the prompt and to record those grateful thoughts but it goes a long way to making sure I stop and appreciate the things I'm thankful for in my day. Most of the times it's an acknowledgment of the positive but sometimes it makes me more reflective and realise that struggle and sadness is a cause for gratitude when we travel that road with friends and reach the other side of it, closer and forever changed but infinitely stronger.

Recording Gratitude in a Passion Planner

I’ve seen lots of different way of recording gratitude thoughts for the EBDUK challenge. My DT Team member Robyn uses the monthly pages of her passion planner to record the answers to her prompt everyday. It’s a great way of keeping everything together and uses a space that something’s gets overlooked in a multi layout planner.

I’ve tried a few different ways of recording my gratitude, sometimes just simply answering the prompts each day in the FB group, sometimes with a picture that speaks to me when I read the prompt and sometimes with longer and more personal journalling that I can tuck away out of sight.  However it happens it always makes me breathe more easily for the rest of the day and takes away some of the tension. 


Hobonichi Techo for Gratitude journalling

May is just around the corner and I’m setting up for this month’s challenge - I'm contemplating posting them on IG as well as recording them in my Hobonichi this month but I'll let you know when I decide. Will you be taking part and if so, how will you record your gratitude each day - let me know in the comments or come and join the EBDUK Facebook group.

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Gratitude in my HObonichi planner