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I didn't plan! Am I a bad person?!

I love my planner. It organises my life, my brain and even my mood! It’s aesthetically pleasing, its a hobby, it’s helped me meet loads of like minded people and drained my bank account! I spend time with it, I work on it and with it, it goes everywhere with me. But sometimes life gets in the way.
I recently experienced this BIG TIME.

Planning in Rainbows

Planning in Rainbows

Who doesn’t like a rainbow? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. Enough to brighten a dreary day or if you just love colour in general. I recently...

Stickerating for Wellness: Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

I knew EllieBeth Designs UK was the sticker shop for me when I read the tagline: Brighten Up Every Day!


You see, brightening up every day in my bullet journal has played a big part in my recovery from mental illness. Long story short...