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Planner setup - Hobonichi, Erin Condren, B6

One month on……

So one month on and am I still in the planners that I decided would be the ones for 2019? Well the answer to that is yes and no. I surely am not the only one? I decided back in December that my planner goal for 2019 would be to stay in one planner for a whole 12 months and I chose the planners that I was going to do this in. They were to be my EC hourly which I started back in November and my B6 TN.

DESIGN TEAM 2019 Planner Stack

By The EBDUK Design Team -

We hope you've had a great and peaceful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. With that in mind here's a quick look at what the Design Team are starting the year with for their planners. We'll be sharing more in depth looks at these planners and how we've set them up in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year! 

Need more space - choose a smaller planner

I’m in love – she’s small, pretty, pink, follows me all day and hasn’t let me down. She’s called Artemis and she’s a personal sized Chic Sparrow TN.

Earlier in the year I set my mind to finding my planner peace. I’ve used and loved an Erin Condren each year for a good few years and this has been my one planner for the last few months.  But the problem has always been space to write “stuff”: notes, extra to dos, useful information and anything else that pops into my mind and I need not to forget during the day. I thought that more space was better, so I added notes pages in front of each month and sticky note lists to my weekly page, but I always ended up using a notebook alongside my planner, when I was out and about and in meetings. It worked “ok” as a system but was never really peace and could leave me feeling frustrated and as if something was missing.