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A Fun but Functional and Simple Planner Setup using a Creative Pack

Greetings and welcome back to the blog. I thought today I would share with you how you can set up a new planner to be simple and functional, but also fun and bright and colourful.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to see the number of sections that come in a new planner and it can be a struggle to work out how to fill them all. I find it useful to just ignore the existing dividers and make my own. But before I even begin to look at all the pretty papers with which to make my dividers, I sit down with a notebook and list out all the things I want to keep track of.

For this planner setup, I wanted to have a section for calendar planning – I wanted to use monthly and weekly inserts, and maybe some space for daily planning when it’s necessary.

How to plan when you don't have time to plan

How to Plan When You Don’t Have Time to Plan. 

I spent some time with scrapbookers last weekend and they were very interested in looking through all of my planners (I took 4 with me). They thought they were very pretty and very organized but almost resoundingly, they said - I don’t have time for that!

So I changed tactics and instead asked people if they plan, and they all said no, they don’t have time to plan. Most said that they put appointments on their phones but they don’t “plan”.