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Passion Planner week and layouts

A Week in My Planners

At the moment, I am fully embracing the view of who cares if I have multiple planners or not! As long as I get things done, and enjoy what I'm doing, should it matter. With that in mind, here is a week in my planners! 


It all starts on a Sunday…well, some of it starts on a Thursday, but the purposes of today it all starts on a Sunday......

Washi, Erin Condren & Hobonichi

Ways With Washi

As you may remember from my previous blog post and from my Instagram handle @vixwashiwizardry, I love washi!  I've lost count of the number of rolls I own but it's in excess of 300.  But washi's not all about rolls now, it's about strips, sheets of strips, like the A5 washi strip sheets from EllieBeth Designs.  They're really versatile and handy to carry on the go in your planner.  They are so colourful and used on their own, or with rolls, they can be used in a number of creative ways.

Passion Planner FAQs

I am an avid fan of the Passion Planner and have used all three sizes at some point in the past four years. For me, one of the best things about the stickers from EBDUK is that they are flexible enough to fit in all three sizes of Passion Planner.

There are three sizes of Passion Planner which have gone through a recent name change. They sizes are Large (previously the classic) - this is letter sized which is a bit shorter and a bit wider than A4; medium (previously the pro) which is B5 and small (previously the compact) which is A5