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Design Team Blog about their Christmas wishes

The Design Team have had a busy year sharing their ideas and tips with you but in a quieter moment recently our thoughts turned to Christmas and we managed to take some time out together to chat about our individual "All I want for "Planner" Christmas" ideas and wishes - Here's a little insight into what each one of us has on their Christmas wish list. 

Decorating your planner - the basics using distressed ink

Hello, again! It’s me, Natalie, back with the second part of my Background Basics mini-series. In my previous post, I explained how to use run-of-the-mill felt-tip pens to create a watercolour effect on the pages of your planner. In this post, I’ll show you another way to add colour to your pages by blending inks.

If you’re one of those planners who don’t like adding water-based media to your pages because it can make the paper all wrinkly and crinkly, then this method might appeal to you, as there’s a lot less wetness involved!

Planning in a Penguin Wonderland

I love penguins! You wouldn’t have guessed would you? I mean I only use a small, maybe not small of penguins in my planner! Let me take you back to when it all started…… December 1st 2007 I acquired my first penguin called George. There he was, a lonely penguin sat all alone on the shelves of Woolworths, so I just had to buy him. I can’t remember why we called him George but the name has stuck and it rather suits him! Since then I’ve picked up a penguin here and there, people have given them as gifts and that is pretty much it. My desk is surrounded by penguins. The house is pretty much full of penguins!