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Reusable sticker albums from EBDUK

No Sticker Left Behind!

Hello! It’s me, Natalie, here with a question to ask you: what do you do with your leftover stickers? I don’t know about you, but I really dislike having a few stickers left on a sheet. It feels untidy, and they look so lonely and left out! So, I was delighted to find, when I opened one of the Advent Experience packets, a beautiful EBDUK sticker album.

Design Team, Creative spaces, planning area, craft room tour

This week as a Design Team we are sharing our planner spaces with you - from nomad planning to dedicated spaces we all have a different set-up and it works for each of us.  I think most of us dream of a planner room where we can set up our planner systems and work in an area that inspires us and feeds creative thought but in reality a space that works and makes us productive is what we make the best of. Follow our highlighted links for Instagram and YouTube to learn more about us, including new member Tracy Macheta and returning DT member Katie Teage.

My Current Sticker storage

Stickers are something that I find a great deal of pleasure in organising and sorting out. If I have a day off work and my children are with their grandparents, you can bet I’ve whipped out all my stickers and various storage ideas and am sorting through them. 

I like to regularly go through my stash, organise and destash in order to make sure I’m using everything, that I know what I have in my collections and to make way for new stickers of course!