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Planning in a Penguin Wonderland

I love penguins! You wouldn’t have guessed would you? I mean I only use a small, maybe not small of penguins in my planner! Let me take you back to when it all started…… December 1st 2007 I acquired my first penguin called George. There he was, a lonely penguin sat all alone on the shelves of Woolworths, so I just had to buy him. I can’t remember why we called him George but the name has stuck and it rather suits him! Since then I’ve picked up a penguin here and there, people have given them as gifts and that is pretty much it. My desk is surrounded by penguins. The house is pretty much full of penguins!

Need more space - choose a smaller planner

I’m in love – she’s small, pretty, pink, follows me all day and hasn’t let me down. She’s called Artemis and she’s a personal sized Chic Sparrow TN.

Earlier in the year I set my mind to finding my planner peace. I’ve used and loved an Erin Condren each year for a good few years and this has been my one planner for the last few months.  But the problem has always been space to write “stuff”: notes, extra to dos, useful information and anything else that pops into my mind and I need not to forget during the day. I thought that more space was better, so I added notes pages in front of each month and sticky note lists to my weekly page, but I always ended up using a notebook alongside my planner, when I was out and about and in meetings. It worked “ok” as a system but was never really peace and could leave me feeling frustrated and as if something was missing.

How to make your TN look pretty with a creative pack

I’ve been using a TN for over a year now. I first started in a standard then moved to a pocket and then after envying others I have ended up in a B6. And this is a size I am very happy with. So happy that I have ditched my EC Hourly and and turned this into my main planner. What I like about the TN system is the flexibility to keep as plain or as decorated as you like. Personally I like all the pretty things. Not too much that it is unusable but just enough that I want to get it out and go ooooh all day long.