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This week as a Design Team we are sharing our planner spaces with you - from nomad planning to dedicated spaces we all have a different set-up and it works for each of us.  I think most of us dream of a planner room where we can set up our planner systems and work in an area that inspires us and feeds creative thought but in reality a space that works and makes us productive is what we make the best of. Follow our highlighted links for Instagram and YouTube to learn more about us, including new member Tracy Macheta and returning DT member Katie Teage.

Erin Condren, Chic Sparrow, EllieBeth Designs and so much more

“What does the Planner Community mean to you?”

It appears an easy question on first asking and amongst the initial quick answers you get when you ask this question are Erin Condren, Chic Sparrow, Foxy Fix, EllieBeth Designs UK, stickers, pens, planners and how they all help people to get organised and be more productive. And yes it’s true that being part of this community can help you to achieve your goals and be more productive. But for me it’s been about so much more than pens and paper and ...yes even stickerating!

Planning in a Penguin Wonderland

I love penguins! You wouldn’t have guessed would you? I mean I only use a small, maybe not small of penguins in my planner! Let me take you back to when it all started…… December 1st 2007 I acquired my first penguin called George. There he was, a lonely penguin sat all alone on the shelves of Woolworths, so I just had to buy him. I can’t remember why we called him George but the name has stuck and it rather suits him! Since then I’ve picked up a penguin here and there, people have given them as gifts and that is pretty much it. My desk is surrounded by penguins. The house is pretty much full of penguins!