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Passion Planner Daily Blog and setup

I experienced a new feeling this year when opening my new planner. I experience complete fear of starting it! This is something new to me as I’ve just dived into every planner I’ve ever had. I think I honestly looked at a blank day for 20 minutes at one point before putting it away for another time.

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My 2020 Planner Setup

This year I feel like I have spent longer than ever setting up ready for 2020. I think I actually started in November when I bought my PowerSheets and then journaled about the things I wanted for my planner set up for 2020. Unsurprisingly though, my line up has already changed, but I’ll come to that later.

After a period of one planner, I have gone back to multiple planners for different purposes.

Hobonichi and Happy Planer

Curing the planner itch

Planner Itch. It’s very contagious and extremely prevalent at this time of year. I myself have been suffering from a chronic bout of it, which has lasted almost 12 months. However, never fear, lovely planner people, for I am here with an antidote to planner squirrel syndrome which I hope will help you to quell the irritation and start your new year itch-free!