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How to make your TN look pretty with a creative pack

I’ve been using a TN for over a year now. I first started in a standard then moved to a pocket and then after envying others I have ended up in a B6. And this is a size I am very happy with. So happy that I have ditched my EC Hourly and and turned this into my main planner. What I like about the TN system is the flexibility to keep as plain or as decorated as you like. Personally I like all the pretty things. Not too much that it is unusable but just enough that I want to get it out and go ooooh all day long.

Planning in a Passion Planner

Welcome to the world of the Passion Planner! Now my post this week was a suggestion from a member of the team. Many of you will probably know that I have been using a Passion Planner for some time, and some of you will blame me for parting with your money to buy one! It made me laugh hysterically when the wonderful Katie Teage posted in the EllieBeth Designs Facebook group, asking if anyone else had bought a planner because of me! But in all seriousness, there is something about the Passion Planner that really works for me and I know a lot of people have recently found them in the UK.

From Kits to Collections – Core Sheets, Rainbows and a Stash of Penguins!

Hands up if you always order the same sheets from a collection or sometimes you'd like to try more than one collection but are trying to stretch your pennies to include everything.......yes, we all do it. With this in mind I thought I'd take a look at how I could stretch my budget and give myself more flexibility in my stash whilst being able to have ALL the stickers, in ALL the designs from EBDUK.