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Planning for fun in a Hobonichi weeks

Planning for Fun

One of the main reasons I plan is for fun. I enjoy it. I find it relaxing. There’s nothing like sitting down with your Stickerate binders and planners (maybe Tea & Cake too) and having a good planning session. Especially on a cold, wet day when you can’t go outside . I do plan to be organised and to make sure I don’t take on too much but ultimately it is because it has become one of my most enjoyable past times. Apart from making cake, eating cake….. You get the idea! 

Hobonichi weeks for productive planning

Planning for Productivity

Why do we plan? For fun and we enjoy it? We need to? Work? Personal? Health? Just to use pretty stickers? To be more productive?  When I started planning it was 'ooh look how pretty that layout is' and 'look at those stickers'. But lately productivity is more the point for me. I’ve always had a diary or planner of some sort.  The stickers came later! I’ve always had lists of tasks to do and kept reminders of important dates such as birthdays. But lately I’ve been looking at it in a completely different way. Planning your day is one of the most important things you can do to make difficult tasks easier. It increases your productivity and makes you feel more fulfilled, well it does me anyway! Planning your day allows you to prioritise tasks, complete them and get them ticked off! Isn’t that satisfying?

Planner Accessories for Erin Condren and Hobonici

Planner Accessories

Firstly there are the planners of course. I’m currently using two planners. My EC Hourly and a Hobonichi A6 notebook. My EC stays at home on my desk and gets updated daily (when I remember) and my Hobonichi is my on the go planner so stays in my bag.

Next are the planner accessories. I have lots. I’m not going to lie so I could pretty much talk about all of them but I’ve managed to get it down to my top 5. These are my most used and most essential. Stickers, Pens, Craft Knife, Penguin Paperclips and my HP Sprocket!