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Passion Planner and EDBUK stickers

Back in March, just before we were subjected to the endless uncertainty of 2020, I did a blog on a week in the life of my planners where I shared the use of my different planners during a week. 8 Months on, we’re entering a second Lockdown and a time to review my planners, what I’m using and what I may use for 2021. This is my planner week which starts on a Thursday.

Hobonichi, TN, Passion Planner

2020 Current Planners

I am definitely in the midst of a planner crisis at the moment and fidgeting all over the place. I can’t completely make a decision on what I want to use or the different parts of my set up that I want. I have used multiple planners over the past couple of weeks, which has thrown One Book July completely out the window. 

Passion Paner Pro for a year

One Year In My Passion Planner Pro

Hello, Stickeraters! Today, I wanted to share with you a flip-through of a whole year in my Passion Planner Pro. I started using it in July 2019 as a way of planning and tracking how I was trying to improve my physical health, but it quickly morphed into an every-day weekly schedule planner.