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Creative Stickerationg - using stickers from what you have and new stash

I guess I’m probably not alone when I say it would be lovely to buy ALL the stickers when What’s New Wednesday comes around but that's not always in the budget. I love the build up to WNW with all the sneaks peeks from Rachel, the rest of the Design Team and the WNW YouTube video, I love the excitement in the group and I just LOVE seeing all the new beautiful designs. 

January multi-planner setup using Happy Planner and Passion Planner

As many of you who know me will be aware, I have a number of planners in my life. It helps me to plan out my personal life, the household stuff, work and help me manage my anxiety with increasing efficiency. Starting the new year, also means starting a new month in a planner. So how do I set up for the month in my various different planners? The way I use my monthly has changed dramatically and has resulted in it being used in different ways in different planners. Here’s the way I have set up for January in my planners.

Decorating your planner - the basics using distressed ink

Hello, again! It’s me, Natalie, back with the second part of my Background Basics mini-series. In my previous post, I explained how to use run-of-the-mill felt-tip pens to create a watercolour effect on the pages of your planner. In this post, I’ll show you another way to add colour to your pages by blending inks.

If you’re one of those planners who don’t like adding water-based media to your pages because it can make the paper all wrinkly and crinkly, then this method might appeal to you, as there’s a lot less wetness involved!