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Forward planning in a passion planner

Forward Planning

Forward planning is a BIG DEAL in our house hold. I work for myself and have work booked in for 2021/22. My husbands work is pretty standard but he sings in a choir that gigs all over the country and so that needs to go in the planner. Also we have family and friends all over the place and we like to visit them, so that needs to go in the planner oh and we have a tiny baby with lots of play dates it seems (!) so that needs to go in the planner as well! 

New 2019/2020 EC Planner and Hobonichi Avec

I thought that my first week in my new 2019/2020 EC would set up like any other week .....besides the squealing over the smell of new paper, new stickies, new get the drift. But actually although the changes this year appear subtle they made me think about some of the things I normally do.

Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Hobonichi favourite layouts

When asked this question my initial reaction was to race to all my stored planners of old and leaf through them to find my favourite layout.....and I did....but what came to mind as I leafed through the beautiful finished weeks was that my favourite layout is the one you see here. A crisp, new, pristine week. It's so full of possibilities and hope. A new slate for me to start again and put behind me the things that didn't work.