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Frankenplanning in a Happy Planner with EBDUK

Fancy a little Frankenplanning?

The Urban Dictionary defines Frankenplanning as creating your own planner from multiple existing planners to find your planner peace.

So I decided to go through my forgotten planners and give them some much needed attention and create my own Happy Frankenplanner setup.

Creative Pack and Hobonichi

Did you know every month there is a Throwback Thursday release at EllieBeth Designs? This usually takes the form of planner kits of all sizes and creative items from a design released in the past. You can vote for which collection returns in the Facebook group for a couple of days before the release which adds some fun and excitement to the release.  Well, when "Take Me To The Ocean" was voted in for release a couple of months ago I couldn't resist the "Mini Creative Pack". I thought I'd give you some ideas of what the pack entails and what you can make with it, just by adding a few things from your craft stash.

Wordsworth Planner and Yes Planner

New planners on a budget!

Who doesn’t love a new planner? Silly question really! I have my regular daily and weekly planner but I have found myself in need of a health planner and I have wanted to set up a planner for my social media tasks for a while too.  June is great time to try something new especially if you don’t mind starting half way through a yearly planner - after all you can cover anything you want with stickers!! So I set myself a challenge….to find 2 planners from everyday sources that I could buy for less than £30 to complement my regular, expensive, yearly treat planner….