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Planning for fun in a Hobonichi weeks

Planning for Fun

One of the main reasons I plan is for fun. I enjoy it. I find it relaxing. There’s nothing like sitting down with your Stickerate binders and planners (maybe Tea & Cake too) and having a good planning session. Especially on a cold, wet day when you can’t go outside . I do plan to be organised and to make sure I don’t take on too much but ultimately it is because it has become one of my most enjoyable past times. Apart from making cake, eating cake….. You get the idea! 

Health Planning in my Happy Planner

Planning for Health

For the past 6 months, health has been a major feature of my planning. In July, I started a wellness journal as part of my One Book July and really started to record and analyse different things to do with my health. In this post, I’m going to share with you some insights into how I’ve made this all a major feature of my planning setup.

Forward planning in a passion planner

Forward Planning

Forward planning is a BIG DEAL in our house hold. I work for myself and have work booked in for 2021/22. My husbands work is pretty standard but he sings in a choir that gigs all over the country and so that needs to go in the planner. Also we have family and friends all over the place and we like to visit them, so that needs to go in the planner oh and we have a tiny baby with lots of play dates it seems (!) so that needs to go in the planner as well!