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September thoughts...

Can you believe we are almost half way through September already!!! Where has this year gone???  It has been almost a year since I applied to be part of the EllieBeth Designs Creative Planning Team and what an amazing team it is to be part of!  I thought it would be...

Hobonichi, Passion Planner, Personal rings and EBDUK stickers

Planner Itch Relapse!

Way back in December, I wrote a blog post entitled 'Curing the Planner Itch' I am sorry to report that I appear to have had a relapse and am itching all over the place! I don’t know whether it’s the constantly changing times, the recent events in the planner community or simply the classic Libra indecisiveness but, just recently, I’ve found myself in quite the quandary. This calendar year alone, I have tried a Passion Planner, personal rings, A5 rings, Hobonichi Cousin, Hobonichi Weeks and I still haven’t found that elusive 'Planner Peace'. Let me talk you through it...

Watercolours in my Hobonichi

Planning with Watercolours

Have you ever looked at planners decorated with paint and thought how great they looked but been put off trying to decorate your own planner for fear of it looking wrong? Don’t be afraid to experiment and add a bit of colour to your planner. If it doesn’t work the way you wanted it to there’s always a sticker to cover it. There IS no right or wrong when you're being creative and your planner reflects your own style.

Here's a look at how I watercolour my Hobonichi weeks.