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Happiness in a Half Box

Happiness in a Half Box

Hello Stickeraters!

It’s lovely to be back on the blog today, sharing my love of stickerating with you. I’m sure we all know how important gratitude is and how gratitude is strongly associated with our sense of wellbeing and happiness. I’ve certainly come to value having an attitude of gratitude over the course of my recovery from mental illness. Over the last four and a half years, I have made a point of using my bullet journal to record the things I’m grateful for. At the end of every day, I jot down one of two things that have brought me happiness, joy, satisfaction, or that have just made my day a little less difficult. Sometimes, I look back through my bullet journals to remind me of these things, but often it’s simply the act of reviewing my day and looking for the good in it that does me good.

Plum Paper Planner, Monthly notes and Monthly reviews

Notes Pages in my Planner

We all have different planners and most of them have a variety of notes pages. For me though, they all had one thing in common - they were hardly ever used. I like my planner to feel used, so it was really annoying that there were these chunks of my planner that were blank and empty.

Bullet Journal tracking

Track It – Review It

Now that the end of April is approaching, and I am beginning to look forward to the start of May, it’s time to review both my life and my planning system.

Toward the end of every month, I like to look through my bullet journal and Passion Planner Pro and spend some time reviewing how things have gone – both in regard to how well my planning system has served my most recent needs and with regard to how well I am living. Let’s talk about my planning system review first.