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Hobonichi Cousin planning

So after many years of using multiple planners at the same time, I decided earlier in the year that I wanted everything (OK, practically everything) in one place.  My everyday carry (EDC) was my personal ring planner and my main memory planner was my Erin Condren Life Planner which stayed on my desk at home.  With life being so hectic I was finding it hard to find time to put my memories on paper.  A good planner friend told me about the Hobonichi Techo Cousin, and from then on I was hooked.

Hobonichi and Happy Planer

Curing the planner itch

Planner Itch. It’s very contagious and extremely prevalent at this time of year. I myself have been suffering from a chronic bout of it, which has lasted almost 12 months. However, never fear, lovely planner people, for I am here with an antidote to planner squirrel syndrome which I hope will help you to quell the irritation and start your new year itch-free!

Christmas Planning

Christmas Planning

Who doesn’t love Christmas! The excitement, the anticipation and the magic ..... I just love all of it, especially the planning!  To have a smooth running December and holiday season in our house, I need to have rest days, activities, fun and even spontaneity planned in. Using EllieBeth’s “Let it snow” kit adds the perfect mix of colours and fun to all my planning, making me just as excited as th