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Chasing the Dream - the search for Planner Peace...

Planner peace has become quite a thing in the online community, and is elusive a lot of the time. It is the dream, the unicorn, the unreachable?

To hoard or not to hoard?

To hoard or not to hoard?

by Sophie Ball   Hoard: (v) to accumulate (money or valued objects (stickers obviously!) and hide or store away.   Squirrels hoard nuts. Camels store fat in their hump. Bees store Honey & Pollen. I hoard stickers!   Yep! That’s me! Whether it’s a favourite sticker, a whole kit, a whole...

'How Stickers Changed My Life' - GUEST POST

I know's a bold statement to make, please bear with me while I explain.
I have used a paper planner for as long as I can remember, starting with my