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My Current Sticker storage

Stickers are something that I find a great deal of pleasure in organising and sorting out. If I have a day off work and my children are with their grandparents, you can bet I’ve whipped out all my stickers and various storage ideas and am sorting through them. 

I like to regularly go through my stash, organise and destash in order to make sure I’m using everything, that I know what I have in my collections and to make way for new stickers of course!

Using a creative Pack for the first time

Using a Creative Pack for the First Time

I’m not the creative type in that I can’t draw that well, unless stick men and the odd doodle count. I’m also not very good at visualising how things will turn out paper. I guess this is in part why I’m not
so good at using entire sticker kits in my planner and why I plan mostly with functional stickers with
the odd decorative one.