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Health and Wellbeing Planning

It is so important to look after yourself, whether that is making sure you are getting enough rest/sleep. Eating a healthy balanced diet to making sure you are making time for yourself.

Hobonichi, TN, Passion Planner

2020 Current Planners

I am definitely in the midst of a planner crisis at the moment and fidgeting all over the place. I can’t completely make a decision on what I want to use or the different parts of my set up that I want. I have used multiple planners over the past couple of weeks, which has thrown One Book July completely out the window. 

Hobonichi, Passion Planner, Personal rings and EBDUK stickers

Planner Itch Relapse!

Way back in December, I wrote a blog post entitled 'Curing the Planner Itch' I am sorry to report that I appear to have had a relapse and am itching all over the place! I don’t know whether it’s the constantly changing times, the recent events in the planner community or simply the classic Libra indecisiveness but, just recently, I’ve found myself in quite the quandary. This calendar year alone, I have tried a Passion Planner, personal rings, A5 rings, Hobonichi Cousin, Hobonichi Weeks and I still haven’t found that elusive 'Planner Peace'. Let me talk you through it...